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We are committed to providing top-notch Truck and Trailer Repair Services because of our extensive industry expertise.



Your family and you are traveling to the beach when you notice an odd noise coming from the back of your vehicle. You glance over the rear of the vehicle, but nothing unusual catches your eye. Consider working with a reputable trailer repair shop like Simplicity Truck and Auto Centre if you want to identify the noise source. In Ontario, we can repair damage to our clients’ automobiles’ trailer hitches.

Maintaining the Vehicle Keeps It Running

Undoubtedly, the biggest annoyance trucking companies deal with is a damaged truck or trailer. They might be the result of a simple error in the truck’s loading and unloading process, or there could be a more intricate problem with the vehicle’s functioning and construction. In any case, you should never ignore a problem with the security or functionality of your trucks. The necessity for truck repair shop and trailer repair is supported by the following:
To Avoid More Harm
Certainly, the truck or trailer won’t experience any further damage if you leave the repair to the experts. The specialists’ combination of ability and possession of the necessary tools and equipment is what led to this outcome. Furthermore, they guarantee that the repair will be done correctly the first time.
Steer clear of costly repairs
You may also trust the experts to make sure you don’t have any more expenses. This is because of their capacity to identify the exact problem with your truck or trailer and their proficiency in repairing truck without causing more damage.
Not Even a Pause
Additionally, you may rely on the professionals to make sure that operations and product delivery don’t get delayed. This is a result of their possession of the necessary tools and equipment in addition to their skill set.

Our Top-Notch Truck and Trailer Maintenance Service:

If you’re not skilled at it, it may be challenging to repair the damage to your truck’s hitch. If you’re careless, you may drill holes through the bumper. Should you be uninformed about what initially created the harm, your training will be insufficient to repair it. This is why you should trust experts like us who have the necessary training to handle any type of repair. We’ll be in a position to assess the damage and adjust the repairs appropriately.

The first step in our truck and trailer repair shops is to check the hitch to find out what initially damaged the vehicle. Every component of the hitch will be examined, and the bolts holding the hitch to the vehicle will be examined. Get in contact with us as soon as you can since we can solve any problem you may be having.

We provide expert repair services for all makes and sizes of vehicles. In addition to ensuring your safety while driving, we can assist you with restoring your trailer. We do everything, whether you need minor fixes or comprehensive vehicle repair services. Every time you work with our mechanics, outstanding outcomes are guaranteed.

Why Hire Us?

Trucks aren’t built to last a lifetime. You can be sure they will get ruined whether or not you use them. Fleet operators must select their truck and trailer repair business in Ontario as soon as possible. When an issue occurs, let Simplicity Truck and Auto Centre assist you in getting back on the road as quickly as possible. The following justifies picking us for your truck repairs:
Knowledgeable mechanic
The collective experience of our repair professionals in fixing vehicles spans many years. Because of this, we can undoubtedly claim to be among the greatest in terms of knowledge and abilities. But our accomplishments demonstrate more than simply our level of competition. By staying current with the newest truck trailer repair techniques and technological advancements in the sector, we maintain our improvement. We want to see you back behind the wheel of your vehicles, enjoying yourself.
Cutting-edge instruments
Nothing less than the best is acceptable to our organization. We make sure to invest in cutting-edge repair equipment so that we can provide high-quality repair services quickly. To carry out this audacious strategy, we even teamed up with some of Ontario’s most capable manufacturers.
Reasonably priced repair services
Are you concerned that the truck repair may exceed your monthly budget? We have a better offer for you. Since you will be returning to the vehicle repair shop for future visits, we strongly advise you to establish yourself as a frequent client. You may even take advantage of great savings when you purchase one of our long-term repair packages!
Outstanding client support
Do you have issues with our work process or the caliber of our output? Simplicity Truck and Auto Centre is an ethical business that genuinely values your happiness and experience. We’ll pay attention to your worries. We’ll even go so far as to provide extra services to satisfy your needs.

Our services

Trailers of all types and models may also be repaired by Simplicity Truck and Auto Centre. We promise to mend your caravan quickly and effectively, using top-notch supplies and contemporary tools to do so. Select our offerings to experience outstanding outcomes!

We can also support you if you require assistance while driving. Whether you want mobile repairs or the supply of tires and gasoline, our roadside assistance services will provide you with workable options. Our team will make sure you’re back on the road as soon as possible. Nothing can stand in our crew’s way. Get in touch with us right now!
In addition, we provide our customers with tire replacement and repair services. We are the experts who will guarantee your happiness, whether you want to install brand-new tires or you have a damaged tire. Get in touch with us right now to be sure you are dealing with the proper folks!

Additionally, you can rely on us to offer you vehicle air conditioning repair services among other repair services. No matter the season, you will always have a fully operating air conditioner with our expert assistance. Hire us to get top-notch assistance!
We offer services like mobile truck repair, commercial truck repair, semi-truck repair, and heavy truck repair.

“The finest truck and trailer repair services provider. Everything was fixed by him correctly the first time. Knowing that our road travels will probably be trouble-free following such an extensive examination & treatment by the company made it worth every penny.”

– Steve

“This store is fantastic! I have around twenty vehicles and trailers in my fleet. I bring all of my equipment here for servicing and repairs, and words cannot express how grateful I am for their assistance. Excellent dialogue. Amazing staff.”>- Jenna

“Superb customer support and the expertise to handle any trailer repairs you require! Adored the personnel; they completed the task on time. They were prompt and the cost was fair. I’ll be returning here to get my truck serviced.”

– Mark


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