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We are committed to providing top-notch Sandblasting & Painting Services because of our extensive industry expertise.



We are committed to providing top-notch Sandblasting & Painting Services because of our extensive industry expertise. Our skilled personnel use top-notch equipment and cutting-edge technology to carry out the services that are given.
Our sandblasting work consists mostly of individual components and engines as well as whole restoration projects for automobile clients and owners. Wheels, auto components, and entire automobiles that have been neglected for years and are in terrible condition due to corrosion, oil stains, and overpainting are frequently sent to us.

For this reason, a lot of technicians, auto enthusiasts, restoration specialists, and automobile owners insist on utilizing our services. We approach each project as unique, recognize the delicate nature of restoration work, and use the appropriate material for the job.

The process of washing away the corrosive residue using a rough, abrasive substance is known as “sandblasting.” It is the procedure that has taken the place of the antiquated technique of removing paint or rust using sandpaper.
Small abrasive particles are propelled against the vehicle’s surface by pressurized air or water during the sandblasting process. This technique uses a variety of abrasive materials; the most popular ones are as follows:

Sand fragments

broken plastic

Gritted steel, broken glass

Slug made of copper

Oxide of aluminum

Advantages of blast and paint

Durability and lifespan are the primary advantages of the former. Beyond just creating an attractive paint job, blast and Paint accomplishes more. Compared to basic wet paint, it is far more economical and provides exceptional protection against environmental hazards:


A single coat of paint with just 3 mils of thickness provides comparable corrosion protection to three applications applied at precisely the same thickness. Powder-coated components offer exceptional weather ability, whereas wet paint is typically utilized for inside purposes.


Spoiled spray is a solid product that may be collected and used. It is less prone to overspray, and blast and paint have a transfer efficiency of between 60 and 70 percent (wet paint has a far lower transfer rate of 30 to 35 percent).

Advantages for Production: Compared to wet paint, blast, and paint prepare components more quickly. A chassis is prepared for handling or further machining as soon as it has cooled. Powder coating lines require less monitoring, thus there is less downtime.

Chemical Resistance
Have you ever inadvertently gotten brake fluid on the paint of an automobile? If that's the case, you've witnessed the harm. The coating is resistant to chemicals when painted and blasted. All you have to do is clean up the mess, leaving the paint intact.
The straightforward application of wet paint using more conventional techniques is inferior to the blast and paint process in several aspects. Powder coating offers benefits that wet paint cannot match, such as lower prices, resilience, and flawless finishes.

Simplicity truck and auto centre is a family-owned company servicing Halton, Peel, Wellington and Oxford County for the past 10 years. Our certified technicians are ready to deal with any truck/auto repair needed or vehicle issues you may be experiencing.

Is Sandblasting Safe to Do?

Paint, corrosion, grease, and oil are removed from the exterior of the automobile body by the blasting machine’s use of pneumatic propulsion or air pressure, leaving a smooth, clean surface for repainting. While blast machines are strong, they work well for surface profiling.Sandblasting projects require extreme caution because of the power of professional-grade blasting equipment and the strength of the abrasive ingredient. If not, sandblasting may cause the car’s surface to deteriorate. In certain cases, a safer surface treatment might include acid dipping or machine stripping. It is best to delegate the work to a professional if you are hesitant.

What Elements Affect Sandblasting Cost?

The cost of our blasting services might vary depending on a few different criteria. Key variables that may impact the price include the following:

Project size and complexity
The sandblasting project’s size and complexity have a direct bearing on its cost. More time and effort could be needed for larger cars or projects with elaborate detailing, curves, or difficult-to-reach regions. The cost as a whole may go up because of this extra work.
Vehicle type
When it comes to sandblasting, different car kinds may differ in their level of intricacy. For instance, older models with distinctive characteristics, bespoke automobiles with modifications, or classic cars with elaborate designs may need more attention to detail, which drives up the cost.
Surface condition
Another important consideration is the state of the surface that will be sandblasted. To get the desired results, more preparatory work and abrasive material may be required if the vehicle has numerous layers of old paint, severe rust, or corrosion. This may result in increased expenses.
Sandblasting ease is dependent on how easily the vehicle's surface can be accessed. Hard-to-reach places or areas that call for dismantling certain components might add to the labor and time needed for the task, which raises the overall cost.
Type of coating or contaminants
A major factor in the price of a vehicle is the kind and thickness of any coatings or impurities on its surface. Heavy-duty coating removal may need more forceful sandblasting methods and specialized equipment, leading to increased expenses. Examples of these coatings include industrial paints, undercoatings, and powder coatings.
Selection of materials
The cost of the abrasive substance selected for abrasive blasting might vary. Materials that are frequently used are plastic media, glass, and aluminum oxide. Every material has unique properties that make it suitable for a variety of uses. Abrasives that are more specialized or finer may be more expensive than other choices.
It is advised to speak with experts like Simplicity Truck and Auto Center when thinking about sandblasting services. They can offer precise quotes and knowledgeable advice for getting the finest results within your budget.
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